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Red Sea, Egypt - September 2017 Snorkeling Trip Report 
In September 2017 we visited the Red Sea in Egypt again and here is my snorkeling trip report. As usual we split our two week stay over three different …

Has Anyone Snorkeled the Azore Islands? 
Just curious, has anyone snorkeled the Azore Islands? It isn't tropical but I want to know if anyone has any experience there! Thanks.

Short Notice Alternative Snorkeling Destination to St John? 
I need a short notice alternative snorkeling destination for St John (posted September 24, 2017). I have been traveling to St John for 20+ years. Our young …

My First Shark Encounter 
I wanted to share the story of my first shark encounter. In mid-June I had the great experience to stay at one of the islands in Glover's Reef Atoll in …

Help Me Choose - Snorkeling Bonaire, Fiji or Bali Trip? 
I'm trying to decide between Bonaire, Fiji and Bali for a snorkeling two week trip alone (I'm a woman.) I have traveled all over snorkeling. Here are …

Where To Snorkel In New Zealand? 
I'm looking for easy-to-access places where I can snorkel in New Zealand. I'm as sleek as a seal in the water, and as ungainly on land, so I can't hike …

Snorkeling In Puget Sound, Washington? 
Does anyone know of good snorkeling spots in Puget Sound, Washington? Also, we would appreciate recommendations for what kind of wetsuit to use. Thanks. …

Snorkeling Destinations In Europe? 
Has anyone gone on a snorkeling vacation in Europe? My boyfriend and I would be happy to go anywhere in Europe, our only concern is that it's not too expensive …

Retiring In A Snorkeling Destination? 
I have been following this great website for years and had a question for the group regarding snorkeling in retirement. I would imagine that some people …

Is Snorkeling Good When It Is Cloudy? 
Is snorkeling good when it is cloudy? We are headed to St. John shortly for a once in a lifetime trip. The weather forecast looks awful with no sun for …

Weather Websites To Choose Snorkeling Spot? 
Do you use any particular weather websites to choose your snorkeling spot for the day? I am just home from a month in St. Croix & a few days in St. …

Snorkeling In The Kerama Islands Japan 
My wife and I had the opportunity to go snorkeling in the Kerama Islands (Okinawa, Japan) over Christmas. It was a wonderful experience. The coral reefs …

The Humor Under The Water 
Over the last several years, my wife and I have been somewhat addicted to underwater photography. We've been to Grand Cayman, St. Kitts, St. Thomas, Belize …

Snorkeling Huatulco Or Cuba? 
Does anyone know if there is any decent snorkeling in Huatulco, Mexico or Cuba? Thanks for all of your help.

Snorkeling Bonaire vs. Hawaii 
I was wondering which you liked best for a two or three week snorkeling trip, Kona area in Hawaii or Bonaire? My wife and I snorkeled in Bonaire on …

Atlanta Urban Snorkeling 
If you find yourself in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area there is a snorkel experience available that is unique: the Ocean Voyager tank at the Atlanta aquarium. …

Belize vs. Maui Snorkeling 
In your opinion, what place has better snorkeling, Belize or Maui? Thank you.

Turtle Grabs Snorkeler's Banana 
I came across this story on Photobucket and thought you might enjoy it. Apparently the turtle in the picture below kind of snuck up on this woman …

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