Snorkeling Maui - Fishbowl And Aquarium

by Rick
(Olympia Washington)

Do you think they will ever open snorkeling access to Ahihi-Kinau Reserve on Maui? Aquarium and fishbowl were among the best. I understand the damage that people can inflict to the delicate lava field. But, the last time I was there all I saw was a herd of goats. Now, who does MORE damage?

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Aug 03, 2012
Snorkeling at Ahihi-Kinau closed through July 31st, 2014
by: Galen & Nicole

Hi Rick. We don't know when they will reopen it, but the closure just got extended to July 31st, 2014, which is why we have continued to leave it out of our Maui Snorkeling Guide eBook.

You can read more about the closure at the Department of Land and Natural Resources page.

And there is certainly some controversy over the decision to extend it, which you can read more about here. It seems politics and lack of staffing has more to do with the decision versus environmental protection.

Aug 04, 2012
Fishbowl and Aquarium
by: Anonymous

Galen & Nicole, thank you for the feedback. We are going back to Maui at end of the month and were hoping for the best. We will stay with your recommendations as they are spot on.

Aug 09, 2012
Is Ahihi Preserve closed or just the fishbowl?
by: Nancy

I've snorkeled Ahihi Fish Preserve several times, but it's been 2 years since I was there. Is Ahihi closed, or just the fishbowl?

Aug 10, 2012
Map Of Closed Area
by: Galen & Nicole

Nancy, the only areas that are open are Ahihi Bay, also known as Dumps, and Ahihi Cove, also known as Waiala Cove. Here is a map that may clear it up a bit. The cream colored areas are closed. In our eBook we have a map that makes clear what spots are open and how to get to them.

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