Snorkeling Destinations With View Depth and Visibility

by Rebecca Cohen
(New Mexico)

Greetings! I am looking for another snorkeling destination that has view depth and visibility. I have been to Bonaire many times and what I LOVE most about it is the view depth, how it drops off deeply and quickly. I also love how you can see almost anywhere you go in the water in Bonaire.

Can anyone recommend somewhere else with these qualities? I am a good swimmer I don't mind being out in the open waters or windy areas. However, of course, it is also nice to have some calmer spots.


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Nov 04, 2016
Spots we can think of...
by: Nicole & Galen

Hi Rebecca, we have been to a few places like you describe besides Bonaire. The southeast shore of St John has some reefs like that, though the visibility definitely varies. There is one spot on the Big Island like that, Puako. And we did see those type of reefs and good visibility many places in the Maldives, including around Vilamendhoo, but also on our liveaboard boat trip.

It will be interesting to see if other people have any good suggestions.

Dec 04, 2016
Red Sea
by: Michel

If you don't mind traveling.... The Red Sea in Egypt. Usually great visibility (30-40 meters) and good depths (10 - 60+ meters). Stunning corals and a lot of fish.

Dec 05, 2016
T & C and Roatan
by: Tim

For great visibility, you can not go wrong with Turks and Caicos (e.g. Smith's Reef) or Roatan (e.g. reef off West Bay Beach).

Feb 06, 2017
Antigua & Caymans
by: Steve Shrader

We loved Antigua. Great snorkeling, no cruise ships and very little touristy things.

Also Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman were good, but we haven't been back since big storm a few years ago.

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