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Nov 30, 2016

Snorkeling The Zanzibar Archipelago, Tanzania

My wife and I booked a safari in the Serengeti and decided to end with a few days of snorkeling the Zanzibar Archipelago. Both are easily accessible from

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Nov 30, 2016

Raja Ampat & Banda Sea, Indonesia Snorkeling Liveaboard Trip Report

I wanted to share a story about our experience in Raja Ampat and the Banda Sea on a snorkeling liveaboard. On October 22, 2016, my wife and I took off

Continue reading "Raja Ampat & Banda Sea, Indonesia Snorkeling Liveaboard Trip Report"

Nov 22, 2016

Anyone Snorkeled Samuel's Bay National Marine Park, Jamaica?

Heading to Jamaica in February 2017, staying on Bloody Bay in the Negril area. Looking for a couple of good places to snorkel. Samuel's Bay looks good

Continue reading "Anyone Snorkeled Samuel's Bay National Marine Park, Jamaica?"

Nov 20, 2016

Snorkeling Spots In Utila, Honduras?

We will be spending 3 weeks snorkeling in Utila, Honduras. This will be a new Bay Island adventure for us. We will try to explore every nook and cranny

Continue reading "Snorkeling Spots In Utila, Honduras?"

Nov 04, 2016

Snorkeling Destinations With View Depth and Visibility

Greetings! I am looking for another snorkeling destination that has view depth and visibility. I have been to Bonaire many times and what I LOVE most about

Continue reading "Snorkeling Destinations With View Depth and Visibility"

Nov 02, 2016

Has Anyone Recently Snorkeled Anegada, British Virgin Islands?

I am thinking of going back to snorkel Anegada in the British Virgin Islands this coming June. I went there many years ago and the snorkeling was great.

Continue reading "Has Anyone Recently Snorkeled Anegada, British Virgin Islands?"

Oct 25, 2016

Snorkeling Charities That Protect Our Oceans

Learn about the snorkeling charities and organizations we contribute to that protect our oceans, and how to find more.

Continue reading "Snorkeling Charities That Protect Our Oceans"

Oct 23, 2016

Can You Snorkel Watamula on Curacao?

Could anyone offer any insight on snorkeling Watamula, Curacao? How well developed are the reefs? Are there safe protected access points to cater to my

Continue reading "Can You Snorkel Watamula on Curacao?"

Oct 21, 2016

Retiring In A Snorkeling Destination?

I have been following this great website for years and had a question for the group regarding snorkeling in retirement. I would imagine that some people

Continue reading "Retiring In A Snorkeling Destination?"

Oct 10, 2016

My First Time Snorkeling At Molokini Crater

I remember the first time I snorkeled in 2008; I was in Maui at the Molokini Crater and I have to say that was kinda of a crazy way to start snorkeling,

Continue reading "My First Time Snorkeling At Molokini Crater"

Oct 04, 2016

Great Barrier Reef Australia Liveaboard Snorkeling Trip

I recently had a week-long trip snorkeling from a liveaboard, The Reef Encounter, which is moored meters away from the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Continue reading "Great Barrier Reef Australia Liveaboard Snorkeling Trip"

Oct 01, 2016

Is The Snorkeling Good From Nadi And Taveuni, Fiji?

I have a trip planned to Fiji in 2017 with stays on the islands of Nadi and Taveuni. Does anyone have experience with snorkeling these islands? I don't

Continue reading "Is The Snorkeling Good From Nadi And Taveuni, Fiji?"

Sep 30, 2016

Need Snorkeling Shoes For Rocky Beach Water Entrances?

Get help choosing the best snorkeling shoes for you and find out you how to deal with them while you snorkel.

Continue reading "Need Snorkeling Shoes For Rocky Beach Water Entrances?"

Sep 30, 2016

A Snorkeling Belt Helps You Carry Shoes, Valuables And A Camera

Making a snorkeling belt is easy and inexpensive. It gives you the freedom to take things with you on your snorkel and have your hands free.

Continue reading "A Snorkeling Belt Helps You Carry Shoes, Valuables And A Camera"

Sep 03, 2016

Has Anyone Snorkeled In The Philippines?

Has anyone snorkeled in the Philippines? What are the best places for snorkeling from the beach? What are the best boat snorkel trips? Thanks for any info

Continue reading "Has Anyone Snorkeled In The Philippines?"

Sep 01, 2016

Snorkeling Weight Belt - Which One & Why

A snorkeling weight belt makes freediving easier, to get closer for taking better pictures and for looking under ledges.

Continue reading "Snorkeling Weight Belt - Which One & Why"

Sep 01, 2016

Snorkeling From Ambergris Caye, Belize 2016

We spent a week snorkeling from Ambergris Caye, Belize in August 2016. On the first night, we did a night snorkel around the dock at Ramon's Village Resort

Continue reading "Snorkeling From Ambergris Caye, Belize 2016"

Sep 01, 2016

Buff Headwear For Snorkeling - More Comfortable Than A Swim Cap

Is your swim cap tight and painful? Try Buff headwear for snorkeling. It tames your hair and it protects your ears from the sun without hurting them.

Continue reading "Buff Headwear For Snorkeling - More Comfortable Than A Swim Cap"

Aug 26, 2016

121 Turtles In 2 Week Of Snorkeling On Maui

We saw 121 turtles in our two weeks of snorkeling on Maui, and we are heading home tomorrow. Nearly every single spot had multiple turtles. And many spots had over ten. You don't need to seek them out. They are curious and often swim right up to you face to face. It is always a heart warming experience. See Nicole with a turtle at the link.

Continue reading "121 Turtles In 2 Week Of Snorkeling On Maui"

Aug 25, 2016

Yellowmargined Moray Eel - Molokini Maui

Another interesting critter we saw while snorkeling Molokini on Maui was a Yellowmargined Moray Eel. He was big and active, moving in and out of corals looking for snacks. See a picture at the link.

Continue reading "Yellowmargined Moray Eel - Molokini Maui"

Aug 25, 2016

Has Anyone Snorkeled Anquilla?

We are wondering if anyone has snorkeled Angilla? We are including this island as one of many to visit. It would be great to hear any snorkeling experiences.

Continue reading "Has Anyone Snorkeled Anquilla?"

Aug 24, 2016

Octopus At Molokini On Maui

Snorkeled Molokini on Maui yesterday. Had incredible underwater visibility. Saw two octopus right away, and lots of of other interesting critters. We also snorkeled the back side of Molokini which has a vertical wall that drops down 400 feet. We could see down at least 200 feet. See a picture of an octopus at the link.

Continue reading "Octopus At Molokini On Maui"

Aug 23, 2016

Beautiful Fantail Filefish On West Maui

Although not as common as many other filefish on Maui we have found the beautiful Fantail Filefish at a few places in West Maui. See a picture at the link.

Continue reading "Beautiful Fantail Filefish On West Maui"

Aug 22, 2016

School of fish at Honolua Bay on Maui

We snorkeled Honolua Bay on Maui yesterday. We were happy to see that the coral health in the bay had not declined much since we last snorkeled it. And there were many fish and turtles. See a picture of a school of Convict Tang and Whitebar Surgeonfish at the link.

Continue reading "School of fish at Honolua Bay on Maui"

Aug 21, 2016

Spotted Burrfish On Maui

At the link see a picture of a Spotted Burrfish who was not camera shy. These are a little less common than the very similar looking Spotted Porcupinefish. These can also get bigger. This guy was a good two feet in length.

Continue reading "Spotted Burrfish On Maui"

Aug 20, 2016

Oodles Of Fish At Ahihi Bay On Maui

We snorkeled Ahihi Bay yesterday (Dumps) on Maui and had very clear water and found tons of fish. Although the snorkeling on Maui has been excellent so far on this trip, it is depressing to see that nearly all the Cauliflower Corals are dead from a recent bleaching event due to global warming. You can see the evidence of this in our picture on FaceBook as well as see all the fish.

Continue reading "Oodles Of Fish At Ahihi Bay On Maui"

Aug 19, 2016

Spotted Eagle Rays On Maui

Yesterday on Maui we snorkeled one way from Makena Landing to Chang's Beach. Along the way we were lucky and had three Spotted Eagle Rays swim by. Two of them circled us for about five minutes. It was wonderful! See a picture of the rays on our FaceBook page at the link.

Continue reading "Spotted Eagle Rays On Maui"

Aug 18, 2016

4 Days 54 Turtles On Maui

After only 4 days of snorkeling on Maui we have seen 54 turtles. It's safe to say that if you want to see turtles, come to Maui. See a picture of Nicole with 3 turtles on FaceBook.

Continue reading "4 Days 54 Turtles On Maui"

Aug 17, 2016

Beautiful Imperial Nudibranch On Maui

Checkout the beautiful Imperial Nudibranch we found on Maui yesterday.

Continue reading "Beautiful Imperial Nudibranch On Maui"

Aug 16, 2016

Maui - 20 Turtles In 2 Days - Snowflake Eel

We are now on Maui. After just two days of snorkeling we have seen 20 turtles, which is always a joy. And we particularly like these Snowflake Eels (picture on FaceBook at the link) that are often out during the day hunting.

Aug 10, 2016

Gorgeous Kauai

Yesterday we had great weather on Kauai. We snorkeled Hideaways after navigating the treacherous trail to the beach, and then we also walked down to close-by Puu Poa where we took the picture at the link. Kauai is beautiful.

Continue reading "Gorgeous Kauai"

Aug 09, 2016

Turtles At Anini Beach On Kauai

Snorkeled Anini Beach on Kauai yesterday and found a number of turtles which was nice. Otherwise Anini does not have much life. See the nice turtle picture on FaceBook at the link.

Continue reading "Turtles At Anini Beach On Kauai"

Aug 08, 2016

Monk Seal Relaxing In Kauai

There was pretty big swell up out of the east yesterday, so it really limited what we could snorkel. But we were able to snorkel one spot we have tried many many times before, Salt Pond. Although it was not great snorkeling we were glad to check it out. We did get to see a couple of Monk seals enjoying a nap in the sand in of the Tombolo at Poipu. The seals have their own response team that quickly put up barricades so people don't get too close. See a picture on FaceBook at the link.

Continue reading "Monk Seal Relaxing In Kauai"

Aug 08, 2016

Best Snorkeling Sites In Bora Bora?

We are looking for the best snorkeling sites in Bora Bora as we prepare for our trip there in October. We are starting to research different snorkeling

Continue reading "Best Snorkeling Sites In Bora Bora?"

Aug 07, 2016

First Snorkel On Kauai - Baby Spotted Eagle Ray

We are on Kauai and on our first snorkel a baby Spotted Eagle Ray cruised by about four times which was great (see picture on Facebook at link). So far the snorkeling has been a bit challenging because of winds and waves, and a swell coming in from close tropical storms. Oh, and there is a flash flood warning because of all the rain. Pretty typical for Kauai!

Continue reading "First Snorkel On Kauai - Baby Spotted Eagle Ray"

Aug 07, 2016

Good Spots For Snorkeling In Thailand?

Where are the good spots for snorkeling in Thailand? I am going there from the last week in October until November 14. I will be traveling all over the

Continue reading "Good Spots For Snorkeling In Thailand?"

Aug 07, 2016

Head Mares Sea VU Dry Snorkel Mask Visitor Review

My husband and I tried the Head Mares Sea VU Dry Snorkel masks and we wanted to leave our review. While they are quality made and had some definite benefits,

Continue reading "Head Mares Sea VU Dry Snorkel Mask Visitor Review "

Jul 29, 2016

Thenice Snorkel Mask Visitor Review

I have a Thenice full face snorkel mask that I got on Ebay from China. I wanted to share my review of it. I haven't had any problems with breathing even

Continue reading "Thenice Snorkel Mask Visitor Review"

Jul 25, 2016

Full Face Snorkel Mask Review: Should You Get One? Which Brand?

Read our review of the full face snorkel mask. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of this popular new piece of snorkeling equipment.

Continue reading "Full Face Snorkel Mask Review: Should You Get One? Which Brand?"

Jul 08, 2016

Use Your iPhone Snorkeling? What Waterproof Housing Case Is Best?

Learn what iPhone snorkeling housing case is best and how to get good pictures and videos with your phone underwater.

Continue reading "Use Your iPhone Snorkeling? What Waterproof Housing Case Is Best?"



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