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Connecting interested snorkelers up with companies who offer snorkeling tours, services or products is the purpose of the advertising we offer. You will not waste one dollar showing your message to non-snorkelers here. 

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We are top ranked for many snorkeling destination related searches. The people on our site are generally middle to upper age, affluent travelers. They have either already decided to visit your destination or are considering it.

Traffic Statistics For 12 Months

  • Page Views: 2,166,209
  • Visits: 1,005,256
  • Unique Visitors: 772,086

Targeted Niche, High Click-Through Rates

Our site audience is highly targeted, being all snorkelers. And we allow you to place ads on the exact pages you want (not every page like most blogs), which makes your efforts even more targeted. So you can expect high click-through rates. 

...everything is obviously working, what with all the bookings we are receiving. We can't thank you enough as we look set to have our best season ever. - Gwen, Snorkel Boat Tour Owner

Ads Priced To Keep You Coming Back

We want your advertising to be profitable, so that you continue advertising with us. So we keep our rates reasonable, based on our page traffic.

Ad Placement & Size Options

Center Column Banner Ads
Center column banner ads are available in a variety of sizes and placements. You are not limited to the banner example sizes on this page. Prices vary depending on the page traffic, ad size, and whether it is above the fold or below. We don't offer center column ads on our home page, and placement is limited on some other pages.

Boat Tour & Guide Companies
Boat tour companies can advertise on our main destination pages. Ad sizes are 170x170 or 350x170. These ads are also available on inner location pages.

Destination/Topic Or Site Wide - Right Column Ads
If you would like your ad to appear on every page about a specific destination (i.e. all of Maui) or for all the pages about a topic (ie. snorkel equipment or cameras), or the entire website, those are available in the right column. They can be placed on all pages except our home page.

Paid Text Links
We do not offer paid text links on any page of this website.

Note: If you are viewing this page on a small screen mobile device, the right column with sample banner sizes is below in the navigation section.

How To Advertise?

Look around the site and decide what pages you are interested in. Then use the contact form below to ask questions and get a quote.

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Our Advertising Philosophy

  1. Help our site visitors find great services and products.
  2. Help companies find new snorkeling customers.
  3. Keep our workload low, by providing highly effective advertising at excellent prices, so that our advertisers stick with us.

We look forward to working with you.

Owners, Galen Piehl & Nicole Atkins