Snorkeler Gift Ideas

Snorkeler Gift Ideas

We asked lots of snorkelers for great snorkeler gift ideas, and got some thoughtful suggestions. We share those below with some of our own ideas. Hopefully you will find a great gift for that special snorkeling nut in your life.

First, consider splurging on the ultimate gift for the snorkeler in your life, a surprise trip on one of these great guided snorkeling vacations...

A New Snorkel Camera

The #1 gift that snorkelers said they wanted was a new underwater camera. Recently the camera that most snorkelers want is a GoPro. They are small, and the new Hero7 Black is a good option. It takes great pictures and  amazing video.

But if the person you are buying a gift for has an iPhone, you could get them a ProShot underwater housing to put it in. They can take it snorkeling and get great photos and videos of the fish and creatures they see.

We have lots of suggestions and buying tips for snorkel cameras here.

New Snorkel Equipment

While it might be kind of hard to buy a new mask or fins for your favorite snorkeler (because those generally need to be fit personally), there are lots of items you could get them that will come in handy on a snorkel adventure. These are all snorkeler gift ideas that people said they would like.

Our complete guide to snorkel gear can be found here.

At The Beach

Before and after snorkeling, these products make things easier and more fun.

Traveler Gifts

Most people have to travel to snorkel, so these gadgets will come in handy.

Beautiful Tropical Calendars

Pretty soon everyone is going to need a new calendar or two, and we always try to get some tropical or snorkeling themed calendar for our wall. It is very nice gift for a snorkeler. Below are just a few we found that we would love to get ourselves.

Fish Guides

Us snorkelers do what we do because we love to check out sea life. So it is pretty natural for a snorkeler to want to learn more about the underwater world. So fish identification guides make great snorkeling gifts.

A fantastic gift for a snorkeler that they may not be willing to buy for themselves (because they are kind of expensive) is the Reef Set: Reef Fish, Reef Creature and Reef Coral guides. It is a three volume set that is really the bible for Caribbean sea life identification (we own them and they are great). You can also get them in eBook format.

Or you could just get them the Reef Fish Identification by itself for the Caribbean, Florida & Bahamas. It also comes in eBook format.

If your snorkeler also loves the Pacific, then round out their collection with Reef Fish Identification - Tropical Pacific. You could buy it as an eBook as well.

Or if they mostly snorkel Hawaii, then Hawaii's Fishes is a nice book.

Travel Guides

Nothing gets us snorkelers as excited as planning the next trip to some tropical destination. So travel guides to wonderful snorkeling spots are fantastic snorkeler gift ideas. Below we have suggested guides to some of the better snorkeling destinations in the world.

Our own popular eBook snorkeling guides are also available on the upper right.

Our own popular eBook snorkeling guides are also available in the right navigation bar below.

Kindle or iPad

Having all your books on a portable electronic device while traveling is great, and more and more travelers are going this route. So these are amazing snorkeler gift ideas for travelers. The basic Kindle is a great device. Nicole owns one and loves it. But the more advanced color tablets like the Fire and iPads are much more capable machines that you can check email on, browse websites, etc. We prefer the 7" size over the bigger iPads for traveling.