Snorkel Books Or Info On Guam?

by Gary
(Glen Ellen, CA.)

Can anyone recommend a book with info on snorkeling Guam? Or has anyone snorkeled there and can tell us about some spots? We will be there June 2018.

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Jan 02, 2017
by: Joni

I snorkeled in front of the Marriott Hotel in the main town of Guam and found the snorkeling very good. Lots of fish, blue starfish, and eels. Easy entry from shore.

Jan 02, 2017
Snorkeling in Guam
by: Kathy

We had some decent but not great snorkeling in Guam. If you are going to be there it is worth a try but I would not make it a destination.

We heard some of the best spots were within the military base which we didn't have access to. There are lots of family owned beaches that might have great snorkeling. We were not brave enough to trespass on them though it is probably ok.

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