Night Snorkeling On Maui?

by Maria
(Pittsburgh, PA)

We are wondering about night snorkeling on Maui. My husband and I are going there in a couple of weeks, staying in the Kihei/Wailea area, and are thinking about bringing our underwater lights with us.

Has anybody done night snorkeling in Maui, especially south of Kihei? We need a place where we can get into the water easily (so not Ahihi Bay/Dumps) and can safely park a rented car.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Sep 21, 2017
I wouldn't recommend night snorkeling
by: Sally Simmons

We asked at a local dive shop in Maui, and they said not to do it. Divers make noise underwater, but snorkelers "look like food." The Hawaiian Islands, Maui in particular, have had many shark attacks in the day time of swimmers and surfers, especially in recent years.

I would not night snorkel there! You can check TripAdvisor for shark info. Be safe!

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