Mini Snorkel For Small Mouths

by Susan
(Columbia, SC)

I just got back from Maui where I tried out my mini snorkel for small mouths and loved it. It's an "Oceanic Ultra Dry Mini Snorkel". It was a little pricey but I'm sure they are available in different brands. The cost was worth it though.

First of all, I have a very small mouth and the regular snorkels tended to pull my lips and somehow dry them out. This one is not only smaller but more supple which I thought may cause a problem at first, thinking I'd have to "bite down" more to keep it from leaking but it wasn't. It was so soft and flexible I didn't have any problems at all.

Another plus was the "ultra dry" because it was kind of choppy being winter and I hate getting salt water in my mouth and this one kept all the water out without the abrupt cut off (hard to explain) of air when splashed. May be in my head, but...won't be a first. 8-)

Hope this helps.

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Nov 29, 2012
Great option for small mouthed people
by: Galen & Nicole

Thank you Susan for this review. It's great to hear that the Oceanic Ultra Dry Mini Snorkel worked for you. Hopefully this will help others choose it too if they have small mouths. The snorkel she is referring to is at right. If you want to read more about the "dry" aspect, read our choosing a snorkel page.

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