How Is The Snorkeling In Antiqua?

by Joe Laing
(Airdrie, Alberta, Canada)

I was wondering how the snorkeling is on Antigua? Is it worth taking a snorkeling trip there or should we go to a different island in the Caribbean? Can we snorkel from the beach or is it all by boat tour? Thanks for any information. We love to snorkel.

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Nov 04, 2014
Poor shore snorkelling
by: Anonymous

Hi! We snorkeled Antigua 2 years ago. We were quite disappointed with the shore snorkeling. We didn't do any boat trips so I can't comment on that. We went to basically all of shore sites all week and none were great. Very damaged reefs and not many fish. I wouldn't recommend Antigua as a good shore snorkeling island. We found Curaçao and Bonaire to be 100 times better.

Nov 04, 2014
Antiqua and other Caribbean Snorkeling
by: Older Couple

The only "from the shore" snorkeling we found on Antigua was at Hawksbill Beach. It is a beautiful beach and is frequented by nudists. Just go there, respect any beachers, and head for the water. Snorkel out to and carefully around the Hawksbill Rock. We found no shore snorkeling elsewhere after a week in Antiqua. We did not experience any boat trip snorkeling in Antiqua.

We returned the next vacation to British Virgin Gorda where snorkeling is from the shore just a few steps from our door.

We found no shore snorkeling on St. Kitts and Provo had very limited shore snorkeling. But in Provo we took two boat trips to the breakwaters where there was an abundance of sea life including nurse sharks and large rays, but not so pretty coral.

In our experience shore snorkeling seems to be rare except for Virgin Gorda. We have been back six times. Good luck. :)

Nov 06, 2014
Antigua was disappointing
by: Anonymous

We were in Antigua in January 2014. The beaches are beautiful but we drove around the whole island and found no good snorkeling. We went out on a boat day trip which turned out to be very rough so all I can say was disappointing snorkeling!

Bonaire and Curacao were awesome!

Nov 07, 2014
Antiqua snorkelng a no-go
by: Music mom

Went to Antiqua in July 2013 for our 20th anniversary, fabulous resort, great food, nice water, but the snorkeling was terrible! The coral is all bleached white-gray, very small amount of fish to be seen, very rough waters. The boat ride was the best part. After the Disney-like colors of Roatan, we were terribly disappointed with the blah. It is not worth the trip if that's what you're after!

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