Has Anyone Snorkeled Anquilla?

by Judy

We are wondering if anyone has snorkeled Angilla? We are including this island as one of many to visit. It would be great to hear any snorkeling experiences. Thanks.

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Sep 04, 2016
Anguilla Snorkeling
by: Bill Bryans

Anguilla has a large variety of snorkeling options. Shoal Bay East is a typical Caribbean beach. It has many bars, restaurants, hotels & people. The reefs are easy to see & explore from the beach.

Less busy snorkeling sites are West End Bay & Katouche Bay. West End Bay is partially protected by large rock outcroppings. Katouche Bay is adjacent to a protected forest that has a cave. You may be the only people at either site.

Jobsie or Dropsey Bay is adjacent to the Tequila Sunrise Villa. It is a shallow area protected entirely by a rock wall, thus there are no waves. This site would be ideal for small children. Lots of small fish here.

It is a long swim from Crocus Bay to Little Bay. The shoreline drops as a ledge underwater with lots to see. Little Bay is another good snorkeling site. If you don't want to swim, you can get a boat ride from Crocus Bay to Little Bay & arrange a time to be picked up.

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