Good Places For Shore Snorkeling?

by Kris
(Rochester, NY)

We want to try a new place to snorkel from shore. We love Turks and Caicos. Do you have any recommendations? We are not interested in the boat trips to snorkel. Thanks.

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Jul 01, 2010
Shore Snorkeling
by: Galen & Nicole

The best beach snorkeling (no boats), that we have done is in Hawaii, and Bonaire. Though Bonaire is technically more shore snorkeling than beach snorkeling as there are few sandy beaches on the island. Next door to Bonaire is Curacao and it has good beach snorkeling too.

Grand Cayman sounds like it has a lot of shore snorkeling spots.

Can anyone else suggest good spots to snorkel from the shore?

Jul 01, 2010
by: Kris

Thanks for the advice on the beach snorkeling. Since we are on the east coast both Hawaii and Bonaire are very long flights.

Jul 01, 2010
More Good Beach Snorkeling Spots
by: Galen & Nicole

Well, we have heard very good things about Virgin Gorda, and it has some good beach access spots. The Baths snorkel spot is supposed to be great.

We have also just started researching Bermuda, and have read that there are some good beach snorkeling spots, and that is pretty close to you.

St. John beaches are also supposed to have some good snorkeling. Most of the island is a national park.

Jul 01, 2010
Beach Snorkeling - Baths
by: Susan

We went to the BVI (British Virgin Islands) a few years ago. The Baths are awesome even if it is a bad day to snorkel. I didn't care much for the Virgin Islands but Koki Beach on St. Thomas and The Baths at Virgin Gorda were worth the trip. We hadn't been snorkeling long and I know now it isn't the greatest for the ecosystem, but they let you feed the fish at Koki Beach and it was great having all the fish swarming around you eating dog biscuits. I have some great video on that.

However, the Baths are a mass of huge boulders that overlap each other. You can crawl all through them. It's like playground for adults. There are parts that you can snorkel then you may climb up and look out over the water. They have ropes for the climbs up and it's not deep in the parts you snorkel in inside the boulders. Outside the boulders they have a very protected area (the way I like it) and it's pretty good snorkeling there. If you go all the way through the boulders you reach Devil's Bay which is supposed to be good. We almost made it there but suddenly it dawned on us I had no sugar with me and I'm diabetic so we had to turn back before we got there. It looked neat as we could see it looking from on top of one of the boulders.

We're leaving for the Turks & Caicos tomorrow. I can't wait. I'd love to hear about them.

Jan 16, 2011
Roatan for shore snorkeling
by: Anonymous

I am surprised that no one has mentioned Roatan. Next to Fiji, it is the best place I have snorkeled. I have been there twice for lengthy stays. We rented a house in Palmetto Bay Plantation. They have a dock and we would snorkel off the end of it. It is a fairly lengthy swim to get out to the reef, but when you get there it is amazing. We just snorkeled from white spot (sandy area) to white spot until we got to the reef. The white spots had lots of interesting life in them too.

There is also a "blue hole" that is accessed farther down the beach. The beaches are perfect white sand with piles of small shells everywhere. Palmetto Bay is fairly remote and requires a rental vehicle, preferably 4-wheel-drive. The last trip we snorkeled from the dock of Blue Bahia restaurant/hotel on Sandy Bay. The reef was much closer and was easily accessible. I will stay there next trip just for the ease. And it is close to the West End, the most sociable area of the island.

If you go to Roatan, just remember your bug dope - the beaches have sand fleas and mosquitoes come out at night. Continental has direct flights from Houston to Roatan.

Sep 02, 2012
Grand Cayman
by: Anonymous

Grand Cayman has a couple of spots with good beach access snorkeling: Smith's Cove south of Georgetown, and the south side of the island near Bodden Town.

Oct 31, 2012
St. John USVI
by: Eala

My boyfriend and I loved St. John. Great beach snorkeling. We snorkeled from the beach every day for a week at least 2x/day and didn't hit all the spots. Sea turtles, sting rays, my boyfriend got to see a Manta ray and her baby (which I guess was unusual). Many around us saw sharks. The National Park was amazing. Would love to go back and see more. Didn't care for St. Thomas as much but that was us.

Nov 01, 2012
All the snorkeling places
by: Susan

I don't know if you saw my comments earlier but I was bashing the Virgin Islands pretty bad but I have to admit, I didn't make it to St. John and I heard it was the best island there. We were at St. Thomas also and I didn't care for it at all.

I wasn't impressed with Turks & Caicos at all. We went to Grace Bay and that was about the only good place there as I remember to snorkel, but again I may be wrong.

All the islands in the Caribbean have their own appeal but I just haven't been to the right one. Maui and Bonaire have been my favorites so far but I'm interested in finding something a little closer to home also.

I've heard some good things about Grand Cayman and may go there for a short trip since it's closer to home. I want to check out Roatan and Belize also. Fiji is my dream trip though which will be a while.

Have fun wherever you go whether the snorkeling turns out good or not.

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