eBook FAQ & Policies

Purchasing Questions

Is it safe to make a purchase with us online?
Yes. For our shopping cart we use a third party company, E-Junkie.com, that utilizes a SSL certified secure site. Also, we don't hold any personal or financial information from you in our shopping cart. Your payment information is only entered at one of our payment merchants, PayPal or 2Checkout. They are two of the largest online payment processors in the world. They use the same online security that banks do.

Is your download safe from viruses?
Yes. Our shopping cart company E-junkie.com also manages the secure download of our eBook products. After your purchase you will download your eBook from an encrypted link that will expire.

I paid, where do I download my eBook?
After you have completed your payment process at PayPal or 2Checkout you need to click on a continue link. If you did not do that, then check your email where you will find a link to the Thank You page on our website that will have the download link to your eBook.

Sometimes after payment, on the download Thank You page on our site, you will get a message that Paypal has not yet notified our system of the sale. Once they do, you will receive an email with a link to download the eBook.

Make sure and read the instructions below to learn how to download or transfer the eBook to different types of portable devices.

Pending eCheck payment from PayPal?
If you make a payment at PayPal using an eCheck, your check will have to clear before you will be given access to your download link. This may take from several days to a week or longer. After PayPal clears your eCheck, and notifies our shopping cart service, you will receive an email with your download link.

Download Problems

Download Not Working?
If your download will not work, try again in a few minutes. It might just be an internet connection issue. But the most common cause of a download that won't complete is because of virus software that is interrupting the process. Try the download with your virus software disabled (don't worry, we guarantee there are no viruses in our PDFs.)

On Apple devices if you are having problems make sure and use the Safari web browser.

All Devices Download Instructions

1. First, if you don't already have one, you need to get a PDF document reader app to read the book. With all devices the free Adobe Reader works great with our books. Get the PC & Mac Adobe Reader version here. Get the Apple Devices Adobe Reader here. Get the Kindle Fire Adobe Reader here. Get the Android Adobe Reader here. You can also use other PDF readers, or iBooks on Apple devices.

2. Go to the email you received from us and click on the e-junkie.com link. It will take you to a Thank You page on e-junkie's www.fatfreecart.com download site. On Apple devices do this with the Safari web browser.

3. Click the download link at the top of the page. It sometimes takes a few moments to get to the next page. On some devices you may need to try it twice.

4. On all devices you have to download or save the PDF eBook to your device for reading offline (the download link expires).

Instructions For Specific Mobile Devices:
Apple - iPad/iPhone/iPod
Kindle - Fire/Fire HD/Black & White
Android - Phones/Tablets

Apple - iPad/iPhone/iPod
On the next page the PDF may or may not open in the Safari web browser. If it does open (picture below left), you will need to tap the screen, and two buttons will appear. Or, if the book does not open (picture below right), the buttons should already be on the page. In either case, select a button - "Open in" or "Open in iBooks." If you wish to use iBooks to read the eBook select "Open in iBooks." For Adobe Reader or another PDF app select the "Open in" and then select your app. If you do not select one of these options, the eBook will not download to your device, and you will not be able to read it later.

If you used the iBooks option the eBook will download to the PDF category within iBooks and you can then read it offline with iBooks. Adobe Reader has a Local folder where you can find the eBook.

Kindle - Fire/FireHD/Black & White

With Kindle Fire & Fire HD the PDF will download to a "Downloads" folder. In the Silk web browser, after you click download, swipe from the left side of your screen and a menu will appear. Select Downloads and you will find your eBook. Click on the eBook and you will be asked what PDF reader you wish to use.

Black & White Kindles are not able to download a file directly from the internet. Purchase the eBook on your main computer, and then transfer it to your Kindle (instructions inside the eBook). Read this page on Amazon for details on how to transfer a PDF file to your Kindle.

Android - Phones/Tablets
Android devices save to a "Documents" folder. After clicking the download link you can swipe from the top of your screen in the web browser and you can see the download status. You can find the downloaded eBook in your "My Files" app, in the documents folder. When you click on the eBook you will be asked what PDF reader you wish to use.

Transfer eBook To Another Device

Transfer eBook to your Apple Device with iTunes?
If you have already downloaded the PDF to your main computer you can transfer the eBook to your Apple device from your computer with iTunes.

One method is to use iBooks. You can learn how to do it at this link.

Another method is to download the free Adobe Reader app. In iTunes navigate to "Apps" on your device. In the File Sharing section select Adobe Reader. Then you can just drag and drop the PDF eBook into the "Documents" box, or hit Add and navigate to it on your computer. Sync your device, open Adobe Reader and you will be able to read the eBook.

Transfer eBook to another computer, laptop or netbook?
The easiest way may be to download the PDF directly to the device, using your download link from your email. You could also transfer the file by using a USB storage device like a portable USB hard drive or flash drive. If both devices have an SD card reader you could also use that. Another great option for transferring files between devices is to use the free service DropBox.

If you still have trouble please contact us for more help.

Viewing & Reading Questions

All devices (except Black & White Kindles) can use Adobe Reader to read our eBooks. Links to download the app can be found above. Apple devices can also use iBooks, see link up the page. There are many other PDF readers available, but they may not allow full functionality of our eBook.

On Black & White Kindles you won't see the pictures in color. Also, the navigation links will not work, so you will have to scroll through every page.


Our number one policy is that we want you to be happy. So if you are having any problems with our product, or are unsatisfied, just let us know. We will make it right.

Return Policy
Yes, you can. Contact us and tell us what is wrong and we will tell you what to do next.

Book Sharing Policy
Our eBooks are licensed for your personal use only, similar to downloaded music and software. You may not give it to anyone else, or print it out for public use. Every page of the downloaded eBook has your name and transaction number written into the code.

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