Dual Snorkeler Safety Buddy

by Brian

Last time while snorkeling in Mexico, my wife kept drifting too far away for my comfort. She's not a good swimmer. Hopefully this device I made will help with that. I call it the Dual Snorkeler Safety Buddy.

In areas where there may be boats or open sea snorkeling this keeps two people together, and also adds extra visibility. It is inflatable for easy travel, inexpensive and made of tough durable PVC.

How to use - each snorkeler holds the end of a rope using the loop.

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Sep 05, 2017
by: Nicole & Galen

Hi Brian, interesting idea. We might suggest that you tie the rope to your wrist instead of holding it, so it does not hinder using your hand for other things and so it is not dropped when unforeseen events happen.

Thanks for sharing.

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