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This is the spot to share your Caribbean snorkeling stories and ask questions. For specific locations, click on the links to the right. This category is for general Caribbean stories or questions, like comparing two islands or where is the best snorkeling in the Caribbean. Also, you can use this page for locations that are not in the list at right. Please read the posts at the bottom of the page to see if your question has already been answered.

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With questions, provide as much information as you can so that you get a useful answer. Unfortunately we cannot post questions about where you should go on your next snorkeling trip. Instead, we suggest you read the abundant Caribbean information on this site (use the search box upper right). Then if you have specific location questions, ask those on the appropriate page. Thank you.

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Caribbean Stories & Questions Left By Others

Click below to read the Caribbean snorkeling stories and questions that other people have shared. Feel free to leave a comment or answer a question. Try to keep your comments on topic or start another story in the form above.

Good Snorkeling At Coco View Resort, Roatan? 
Has anyone snorkeled from shore at the Coco View Resort in Roatan? How is it? Is snorkeling the reef worth staying there? Thanks.

Want 'Remotest' Caribbean Snorkel Trip Destination Suggestions 
We're planning a snorkel trip to the Caribbean (for less than a BILLION! dollars) but are looking for a more remote/untouched island destination. Like …

Where To Snorkel In Costa Rica? 
Our family will be going to Costa Rica in August, and we are wondering where to snorkel? I have read mixed reviews about snorkeling there. Is it better …

How Is The Snorkeling In Tobago Now? 
I was wondering if anyone can comment on how the snorkeling is in Tobago now? Many years ago we went snorkeling with a group there and the fish and reef …

Snorkeling Spots In Utila, Honduras? 
We will be spending 3 weeks snorkeling in Utila, Honduras. This will be a new Bay Island adventure for us. We will try to explore every nook and cranny …

Has Anyone Snorkeled Anguilla? 
We are wondering if anyone has snorkeled Anguilla? We are including this island as one of many to visit. It would be great to hear any snorkeling experiences. …

Southern Caribbean Snorkeling Cruise Report, April 2016 
I wanted to share my trip report about our southern Caribbean snorkeling cruise in April 2016. To begin with, my wife and I are more of the "stay at a …

Snorkeling The Caribbean Windward Islands From St. Lucia To Grenada 
In March of 2016, I went sailing one-way from St. Lucia to Grenada, in the Windward Islands, with some avid snorkelers. I have been snorkeling since my …

Compare Snorkeling In St Croix and Culebra, Puerto Rico? 
Can anyone compare the snorkeling in St Croix and Culebra, Puerto Rico? We are avid and experienced snorkelers who have done St. John, Roatan, Kauai, Eleuthera, …

Snorkeling The San Blas Islands, Panama, November 2015 
I wanted to share my trip report for snorkeling the San Blas Islands, Panama. They are an archipelago off the northeast coast of Panama. The only real …

Snorkeling In Or Around Bequia? 
I've just booked a trip to Bequia for end March/beginning April 2016, & I was wondering if there's anyone out there who has had recent (in the last 2 years …

How Is The Snorkeling In Antiqua? 
I was wondering how the snorkeling is on Antigua? Is it worth taking a snorkeling trip there or should we go to a different island in the Caribbean? Can …

Where Is The Best Snorkeling On St. Lucia? 
I would like to find where the best snorkeling is on St. Lucia the first week of this April. I want to make the most of my time for a 4-day trip. My …

Snorkeling Jibacoa, Cuba 
I'd like to recommend snorkeling Jibacoa, Cuba as a great destination. We recently spent four days snorkeling at Jibacoa. We did not stay at the all-inclusive …

Help With Planning Roatan Snorkeling Trip 
I need some help with planning my Roatan snorkeling trip. We will be there from April 6 through part of May; plenty of time to explore. Ohhh-- how I wish …

Snorkeling Spots In Puerto Rico? 
Do you or any of your readers know of any good snorkeling spots in Puerto Rico, including Culebra Island off the eastern coast? I am from the Midwest and …

Best Beach Snorkeling Destinations In Caribbean? 
Looking for a place to take teenage boys in the Caribbean where there is good beach snorkeling (no boat required). Also other activities and fishing to …

St Maarten Snorkeling Reviews 
We will be traveling to St. Maarten to snorkel in October, 2011. I have tried to research snorkeling there, but have been unable to find good information. …

Belize vs. Bonaire Snorkeling? 
Which do you think has better snorkeling, Bonaire or Belize?

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