Banda Sea & Raja Ampat
Snorkeling Trip

12 Days, 11 Nights Of Snorkelers Bliss, Exploring These Amazing Reefs

Colorful Corals In The Raja Ampat Area
Pindito, The Boat For This Liveaboard Adventure
Beautiful Mandarin Fish From The Banda Sea Area
Healthy Coral Reef Full Of Colorful Fishes

This amazing Banda Sea & Raja Ampat snorkeling trip is brought to you by our partner and friend Wendy. She is an avid snorkeler and veteran travel agent who puts together these wonderful all snorkeler adventures. Read more about her below.

Join this all snorkelers trip on a liveaboard yacht exploring the amazing sea life in the islands of the Banda Sea and Raja Ampat. 

The Banda Sea contains the Maluku Islands of Indonesia amidst hundreds of other islands. The Raja Ampat islands are just north off the tip of New Guinea.

The islands in the Banda Sea area are also known as the Spice Islands, for their nutmeg, mace & clove production.

The shallow reef system of the islands in the Banda Sea is vibrantly healthy, and full of an amazing diversity of corals and sea life. The area is in the center of the Coral Triangle, positioned between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It has over 1,500 fish species and 537 coral types. This volcanic region offers the opportunity to experience sea life unique to the area, like the gorgeous Mandarin Fish pictured at right, seahorses, Mimic Octopus and frog fish.

Wendy has snorkeled here three times in the past, and is particularly excited to be aboard the Pindito. It is the only liveaboard boat in Raja Ampat with over 20 years experience. They have a great crew and chef. There are eight cabins for sixteen people, all with their own bathrooms and air conditioning.

The 12 day trip will be a time of great leisure and exploration. A light breakfast is provided before getting in the water for your first adventure. Then the boat will head to a new area while you enjoy the views and lunch. The afternoon will have more snorkeling and/or exploration of one of the islands.

The Banda Sea Islands
Pindito At Island Anchorage
Pindito Cabin

Dates & Prices

Seahorse in Soft Coral

Trip Dates
October 25th - November 5th, 2016

$5130.00 per person based on double occupancy.

How To Learn More?

The cabins for this Banda Sea & Raja Ampat snorkeling trip are limited in availability. So use the contact form below to e-mail Wendy and learn more now.

Currently this trip is full but not fully prepaid. There is a chance space will open up. Contact Wendy and get yourself on the waiting list.

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More About Wendy & This Partnership

We have been promoting Wendy's trips since 2013, and she gives us a commission for helping her. We recently were on one of her trips in the Maldives and it was extremely well organized and fantastic for focusing 100% on snorkeling. We also did a lot of research, asking other people who had been on her trips what it was like. And she received glowing reviews. You can read more about Wendy and reviews of her trips here.



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